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Factory Kit

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Define a factory of immutable content with separated builder and factory interfaces.


Real-world example

Imagine a magical weapon factory that can create any type of weapon wished for. When the factory
is unboxed, the master recites the weapon types needed to prepare it. After that, any of those
weapon types can be summoned in an instant.

In plain words

Factory kit is a configurable object builder, a factory to create factories.

Programmatic Example

Let's first define the simple Weapon hierarchy.

public interface Weapon {

public enum WeaponType {

public class Sword implements Weapon {
    public String toString() {
        return "Sword";

// Axe, Bow, and Spear are defined similarly

Next, we define a functional interface that allows adding a builder with a name to the factory.

public interface Builder {
  void add(WeaponType name, Supplier<Weapon> supplier);

The meat of the example is the WeaponFactory interface that effectively implements the factory
kit pattern. The method #factory is used to configure the factory with the classes it needs to
be able to construct. The method #create is then used to create object instances.

public interface WeaponFactory {

  static WeaponFactory factory(Consumer<Builder> consumer) {
      var map = new HashMap<WeaponType, Supplier<Weapon>>();
      return name -> map.get(name).get();
  Weapon create(WeaponType name);

Now, we can show how WeaponFactory can be used.

var factory = WeaponFactory.factory(builder -> {
  builder.add(WeaponType.SWORD, Sword::new);
  builder.add(WeaponType.AXE, Axe::new);
  builder.add(WeaponType.SPEAR, Spear::new);
  builder.add(WeaponType.BOW, Bow::new);
var list = new ArrayList<Weapon>();
list.add(factory.create(WeaponType.BOW)); ->"{}", weapon.toString()));

Here is the console output when the example is run.

21:15:49.709 [main] INFO com.iluwatar.factorykit.App - Axe
21:15:49.713 [main] INFO com.iluwatar.factorykit.App - Spear
21:15:49.713 [main] INFO com.iluwatar.factorykit.App - Sword
21:15:49.713 [main] INFO com.iluwatar.factorykit.App - Bow

Class diagram

alt text
Factory Kit


Use the Factory Kit pattern when

  • The factory class can't anticipate the types of objects it must create
  • A new instance of a custom builder is needed instead of a global one
  • The types of objects that the factory can build need to be defined outside the class
  • The builder and creator interfaces need to be separated
  • Game developments and other applications that have user customisation